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Tristan T
One day and I already love it!

I've been using red light beds for a while now and loved the results, but I bought this smaller one for my dogs one has asthma and one has arthritis. This is the first time the arthritic one has gone to his bed without obsessively licking his legs in over a month. I was worried he'd need surgery, but he's much more relaxed and in a better mood. My second dog's asthmatic symptoms are super recent, about a week, but they were getting worse fast, increasing with excitement, barking and the cooler weather. Now she's not wheezing while she sleeps. I heard a little coughing when she got excited, but so, so much better for both of them.

billy shears
Great product!

Great product! Love that it is not a mask so that it is easier to use on other parts of the body, which I really wanted. Also excited to try it on a plant sometime because apparently red lights help plants grow.

Good product

Order this product for my body pains,it works perfectly fine and relieves me off of my pains. It also reduces any muscle inflammation caused due to intense workouts. It is also good for facial skin,helps in reducing the wrinkles.

Michael V
Works well

Nice product

David BONN
Worth trying!

Easy to use, using on face and hands. Adjust to where you want, close your eyes and rest.

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