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Danny S.
Hand warmer heats quickly

Great product to keep your hands warm. Product has different settings which is handy. This is my second purchase and my husband and I love using them!

Lisa K.
These provide great heat over and over again!

This hand warmer has made my husband a happier guy. His hands are always cold and I thought this would be the perfect little gift. He carries it with him from room to room, just in case. If you’re thinking about this for yourself or someone as a gift, don’t hesitate, buy it!!!!

Joey L.
Love this thing!

These are awesome! Forget the shakable heat pads that was one-time use. Get these rechargeable ones instead! These get REALLY hot, will keep your hands/body warm.

Michelle A.
Great hand warmer

Gosh! I really love this thing. I've been tempted to purchase another one, and I haven't even used it as a hand warmer, yet, as my snow trip was postponed. LOL! Who knew I would find so many other uses for it? It is light-weight enough that I can easily carry it in my purse or pocket for when I'm hiking or traveling and need to recharge my phone, earbuds, or mini speaker.

Cheryl S.
Finger saver!

I really like that it heat up as fast as 10 seconds. Surprisingly light weight and the battery can last for a day (about 8 hours of use in my case). I bring this to work everyday now it can also be used as a power bank. I usually only use the lowest level since it’s already hot enough. Overall a great purchase!

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