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What a great durable must have we camped 12 days and some ...

What a great durable must have we camped 12 days and some times the out house were not available This was by far my best investment and works beautifully easy to clean. But we did not allow for the number 2 in the tank we lined the toilet with small plastic bags if the children needed to go poo it would definitely be done in the bag. Very needed and handy for those middle of the night bathroom needs ! We love it!

Awesome product

Don’t know why I didn’t buy thisnproduct sooner. A definite must have.

Zombie Hunter Jeep

Just what I was looking for

Danny Crandall
Great toilet

I've been using this for just about a year straight now. Not for camping but regular use since I don't have plumbing. It's lasted nicely, the pump is still going strong. Not the easiest to clean but it does it's job. Not exactly mess free when emptying into a toilet. When it gets full it's pretty heavy so I usually empty it every week (takes about two week to get full for just me). Overall great product and I'm very happy with it

Great for camping

This is my first portable toilet. I was worried about the ease of cleaning and smell. We used the tablets provided and it did not smell at all. We try to only use it for liquid waste but it has the capacity for my family of 4 for at least 5 days.
One thing to be aware of is it can create some pressure so be sure to open the waste gate a little before going so when you flush it doesn't burp and splash out. Also it is heavy when it is fully loaded but you cannot do anything about that.
Overall I couldn't ask for more.

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