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Great for a small shed

I have a 10x12 shed that i use this in. The lights are enough for half the space well lit, and could be used by themselves if needed ( i already had some Light Me portables in there). Radio is a neat, but the SD/USB feature is the charm. I bought a USB powered portable fan to use with this model and after an hour the charge indicator is still in the 80% range with fan going and lights on. Batteries look replaceable if needed in a year or two, and the solar panel is put together well. Only have wall charged it once, and i dont go into my shed everyday so it gets plenty of time to charge in the sun. Overall for the price and use, well worth the purchase.

Decent unit for this price range

Overall this is a good unit for $100.
Pros :
- Main unit is compact and light.
- Solar panel is large and seems to be a good quality one.
- Ability to charge my phone, Ipod and Ipad.
- Lights (3) are super bright and each has an individual on/off switch.
- The 5 rechargeable batteries (18650) are removable (replaceable and can be recharged in a separate charger).
- Low budget unit.
- Batteries came 90% charged.
- Bright flashlight with 3 modes ( High/ Low/ Strobe )

Cons :

- The charge indicator never turns green, stays red and stop blinking when charge is over (supposedly).

If you don’t intend to spend several hundreds $, this is a great device for camping and hurricane preparedness.

2nd purchase this was for family

We’ve had our original item since After Hurricane Mathew and although we Now have a generator. This works great for small power outages or big if you can’t afford a generator. We had one last week and I was able to easily connect our usb fan and keep cool as we slept.

Christopher Walton
awesome emergency protection / solar generator / portable power bank

I really love this kit. I searched for the best emergency solar generators and this one measures up. I had looked at more expensive units, but this unit caught my eye because:

1. It included everything required to be self sufficient.
2. It had replaceable batteries!
3. It had multiple DC out ports.
4. It has _both_ a Solar power charging input as well as an AC power charging input.
5. The AC power input only requires a very common cable and not an AC/DC adapter!
6. It includes a digital FM radio!

All in all, this is an awesome purchase. 5 stars.

Works great. Used this for camping last weekend

Works great. Used this for camping last weekend. It comes with both a plug for the cigarette lighter and clips for direct connection to a battery terminal. This ended up being handy since our cigarette lighter fuse was blown so we had a back-up way to power it. Quality is good. Has accessible fuses on the back and the on/off rocker switch is solid. The fan works and it does not put out as much heat as a previous inverter I had. Recommend.

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