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Highly Recommend

Delivered quickly. Arrived in perfect condition. Great price point. The device must be firmly on the skin to activate, very happy with this safety feature. We have two of these now as someone in the family is always using it (First one is about 2 years old and works like new.Same device not positive same seller.) Came with goggles and a free sample of face serum. :} I use it to tighten skin on face and neck. We also use for pain relief, tho I am not sure it is advertised as that. This is not a paid review letting you know as with so many and a lot at higher price you dont know what to pick!

Happy with Product

I'm 60+ and the skin on my face is starting to show age. I'm divorced, and once this Covid-19 thing is under control, I would like to get out there and begin anew. So I have been using this product to lesson wrinkles, tighten my face and possibly stimulate new collagen production for lift! My skin is sensitive, but I have had no problem. I use it with some hyaluronic acid serum I had on hand, and so far, after about 4 treatments, I have noticed a difference! I alternate these treatments with applying retinol at night, to build up tolerance to both. For the price, this is a great little unit!

Great for other purposes

Was going to return it but reconsidering as infra red light is being considered a health booster for wound and immunity boosting and muscle recovery. I didn't like the main purpose being mostly esthetic for skin rejuvenation and tightening or evening of skin tone and made an order to return it, but still reconsidering. I used it once on my face and the next few days it seemed to make my eyebrows space apart similar to how botox did in the past. But I only used it once and some on my clients, but more than on myself. It is easy to disinfect with a lysol wipe or rubbing alcohol and cloth the product recommends. Charges fast and lasts a while.


Only had this for a month but already the spots on my hands are starting to fade.
My dermatologist recommended it for my face.

Lyn H
Five Stars

Love this product. Easy to use and already seeing results

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