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Robert Neighbors
This Mobile Hotspot Is The Best !!

This mobile hotspot works very well with the AT&T network. No problem setting up. Has a very good range. Battery life is really good. Customer Service is very helpful if you need them. Thank You for another great product.

An efficient team, complete and at a good price.

It is a compact and precise equipment for what anyone needs, to be connected. I recommend that you evaluate a lot the bands with which your service provider company works, so that you can get to use it without problems. We speak of a team that is set up very quickly and easily. If you do not know about the computer theme, it includes a small manual with everything you need to achieve your short configuration. The equipment comes in a compact box, with its USB cable, battery and instruction manual. To be able to charge it, you must have an identical device to that of mobile phones, with 5 voltages to achieve efficient charging. The first load that is left for 24 hours is what the manual and other users report, that way you can keep your warranty and take care of the useful life of your equipment. You can connect 10 computers at the same time, so you will not have problems to be connected.

Perfect device to share internet while traveling

The perfect device to travel with whenever internet is necessary on tablet, computer, tv.
Easy configuration and perfect size.

Alex CK
Confirmed it works with T-Mobile USA, read for important setting

To properly set the LTE for T-Mobile USA make sure to change the following setting. See attached picture.
Prefered LTE > LTE FDD preferred

Tested with laptop.
it is good for internet surfing with a laptop, also I was able to play some youtube videos at 480P (it takes few seconds to load in the screen, however they play without interruptions or constant buffering.)

Testing data transfer with one and then two smartphones.

So if you need it for your laptop, go ahead it will work.

Gustavo P.

Very useful. Works with Movistar here in Costa Rica while i'm in travel. Recommended.

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