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Lauren H
LOVE this drill!!

I wasn't going to bother trying this drill out, because I literally had JUST purchased a nail drill. But I LOVE this drill!! It's rechargeable, and it comes fully charged and ready to use! It is also REALLY quiet. In comparison to my Melodie Susie nail drill, this one is MUCH quieter. I used them one after the other, and found the MS drill to be so loud, my ears were ringing after using it. But this one was super quiet, even while removing polish.
I am VERY impressed. It also comes with a ceramic tornado bit, and it took my polish off SO easily. I didn't have any issues with heat either, it didn't get hot at all on my nail bed while filing.

D. Messing

This is a wonderful nail drill. It works extremely well, handles all of the drill bits I have already have, and doesn't take up much space. Thank you for a wonderful addition to my nail accessories.


This is by far the best nail drill I have used. I'm still a bit of a beginner when it comes to nail drills but this one has been way better as far as performance goes compared to cheaper versions I've tried. It's also very simple to use. I highly recommend this one.

Best one I have used yet.

I love my new nail file! Easy to use and not to heavy and I can take it anywhere which is awesome. I've tried other's but this is my first rechargeable file. I'll never go back to any other! Thanks for fast delivery.
You all are awesome!

Kamelia Dunston
Very Quiet and easy to use

I like that the drill is very easy to use and it is light weight . The noise level is pretty good. It’s not loud like most nail drills can be .

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