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Debbie Lynn
Digital microscope w/7 inch viewing screen. Great for homeschooling, hobby collectors and soldering

I don't even know where to start, this digital microscope is amazing. I love the upright screen - it makes it really easy for the entire family to view the item at the same time. It is so easy to zoom in and out and to focus as you go. I love the camera function - you can take photos of what your viewing so you can download from the SD card and make prints or fill in the blank charts. You can also take videos - which would be really great for instruction videos of soldering (the original reason we purchased this). This microscope was super easy to assemble, quick to recharge and easy enough for my 7 yo son to focus. I've attached a video showing it's use, sorry for the length but I wanted to show you 2 different items.

Daniel Richards
A must have for young children.

Please remember this is a magnifier not a microscope, you cannot see inside cells or microscopic bacteria with it. It does an excellent job at magnifying things that you could not normally see without a high-quality magnifying glass. The video screen is of average quality due to the fact that you’re getting a 12 megapixel camera. The money is in the camera not the video screen, connecting it to a high-quality video monitor will vastly improve your picture resolution. This is a must for young children, it will open up an entirely new miniature world for them.
I figure in about 10 years when the kids are older I’ll spend about $1000 and buy a trinocular microscope which would be of enough quality to take them into college.

As I exspected in Quaility and function!

There was a channel on Youtube that fixes circuit boards that I use to watch, and It was my inspiration for buying this.
So far it helped me with reading really small print. Help me pull out slivers in my fingers and family members fingers, Help me find a short in a circuit board.
It is easy to figure out. I really didn't need the manual.
I can hook it up to my computer and even do a Youtube video with it. I can access the memory card from a computer via USB. Or just charge it's internal battery via USB.
I'm not disappointed!. Would I buy again? , Yes.
Although I wish It had more power, but for the price I paid, I was a great Value.

Enhancement on details

This is great for many reasons, things and ideal for record saving. Clear images in high definition use it for simple things to complex, very handy being an complete unit having a nice size screen. Take pics or videos of items that you own for your long term records in case of a tragedy . I got this to use for extracting wood and metal slivers out of my fingers/hands and works extremely well.

Leticia Zaragoza
It is amazing!!!once I learned

Liked everythingmore than I expected
I use it for my Coins collection & Bank notes,,,the only thing is the brightest & & can't get colors,is NOT THE DEVICE,,,IS ME but I'll keep trying.

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