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Kristina Mack
Well made!

My kids are so excited to try these glasses! The glasses seem well made and feel like they will last.

Daniel Stranger
Very effective anti-sickness glasses

The effect is very big. Affter buying it, I can't to take it, before I was in the car or motion sickness,since I have this kind of glasses have never been dizzy car, this is great!I woyld recommend you to buy this product and give it to tour children.

Dianna Alred
No more motion sickness !!!

I never thought these would work but they do. !! 3/5 minute after I put them on my queasiness and stomach has settled. They are all rubber except for the lenses and temple fluid filled section so I can wear my sunglasses over them. Yes I would recommend.

Reg Basmayor
It's amazing. It's amazing. It's what I want

It's great that I don't have to ride in the car. I work so hard every day because I can't ride in the car for a long time. I get sick very much, I get a lot of motion sickness

Rose Ortega
Very good

My son is carsick. I bought this pair of anti-sickness glasses for him. They are of good quality and have a nice appearance

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