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Lori S.
Easy to use, super helpful

The product is easy to use. I like how it has the magnets that keeps it from blowing away. It made life much easier when going to work at 6 AM.

Brian M.
Great windshield cover

Very easy to use and well worth the time and cost to avoid has to clean my car! Speeds up my mornings!

Darren T.
Great for summer!

Very easy to use and install - really helpful to have straps that attach to the tires for a more secure fit as well as the magnets along the top. Used it in the spring time for all the leaves on my windshield, and works perfectly on winter too. Would purchase again!

Lilly B.
Easy to install and works great, also stores quickly

I love this. I no longer have to scrape my windows for anything. it's so easy to install that my 11 year old did it for me one day. It doesn't have to be placed on perfectly, just throw it on, straighten it out and hook it to your tire so it doesn't blow away. I LOVE IT!!

Kelby D.
It's easy to use and install!

So I bought this product for my husband who doesn’t park in the garage. He said he loves it it’s easy to install when he parks and easy to store when not in use.

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