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The clarity in night vision mode is brilliant and it's so easy to use with the placement of the controls on the shooting buddy Ando has already placed his order for one after using mine

Great Product!

Fantastic product! Would absolutely recommend.

D. R. Shartzer Jr.
What more could you ask for?

First and foremost I know it’s not an ATN product but it’s not designed to be in that price range. This is my second night sight (purchased as an intro for my young son) and I couldn’t be happier, even his sisters giggle in amazement at being able to “see in the dark.” Decent image and range. Good science lesson. Great value. Priceless bonding moments with children as we “hunt” for critters in the dark. Couldn’t be happier.

These binoculars provide crisp, sharp images & video day or night.

I've owned these binoculars for a few months now with great results. These are my newest & favorite night vision goggles due mainly to the built in recording capability that my other set doesn't have.
Their quality, clarity, & simplicity to use makes them very dependable when needed. These binoculars also include a tripod mount which helps with image stability when using both optical & digital zoom at the 1000ft distance. However the majority of the time, steady hands provide a clear & stable image with the use of only the optical zoom. The function buttons on top are well placed & simple to operate, they provide the easy ability to record video or snapshots to be replayed on the LCD screen or saved to your computer using the supplied USB cable.
I keep these on my desk ready to use anytime & have found them most useful at night. The visibility in total darkness is very clear using the IR mode which has plenty of power to illuminate any object at night.
The six AA battery life seems fine, I bought two sets of rechargeables to always have a spare set ready. I also purchased a 32GB Micro SD card which provides ample storage.
I am very happy with these, they are a great value & I would purchase again.

Miguel C.
Beyond my expectations...

An excellent product, it does what it suppose to with ease of comes with a soft bag, I would like to find a better hard case for it, if anyone knows where I can buy one, appreciate if you let me know....very happy with the item, definitely will recommend...

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