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I'm enjoying it

Battery update 2: exactly 6 days and about 10 hours since I removed it from the charger and I'm at 12%. Lots of texts (only a few voice replies),lots of fiddling with settings, my star trek clock is set to update weather hourly,no GPS,haven't played music through it, at least 10k steps per day, display is on motion, not always on.

Battery update: I received and charged it this past Tuesday. It's been on my arm since. At this time, it's at 42% battery life. That's with those initial setups and exploring and a minimum of 10k steps per day. A lot of texts came through but I only replied to a few via text. No GPS usage and the display is not always on (motion)

I've seen a lot of folks complaining about lag and responsiveness. I haven't had that at all (so far). Granted,this might be due to an update that took almost 45 minutes when I was setting it up.

Notes in no particular order:
I find it more accurate with heart rate than my charge 3.
I've already updated it to the star trek themed clock face
It is VERY accurate on voice to text, including in adding in proper commas (so far)
It's been off the charger for about 20 hours and is down to 86%, which I find good considering color screen and all the time I spent going over the features and getting the settings where I like
Complaint - why does this only track spo2 while sleeping???? That's pretty dumb. I need to measure mine while working out and just going about dialy life
I really wish their were more bands on the market for it.

Solid watch and beautiful

This works just as well as my Versa lite. No issues as of yet. The button does take getting used to but not in a bad way. I’m really enjoying having Alexa too. Downside, since I have an iPhone you can’t use text replies. That’s only for Android.

Wears great and feels great on wrist. Love all the face visuals you can upload.

Great for walking, gps is the nuts, very accurate.

Kelly Endres

Just love it!

Love My smartwatch

I purchased the navy with the gold case (picture with a screen protector and watch band I bought separately).

I was in between this and the sense but decided the extra $100 wasn't worth it for features I didn't think I would need.


-GPS - I love having it and it works well from what I have seen
-All of the watch faces - There are so many options not just from LifeBit but other developers that are super easy to add. Although many haven't been properly adjusted for the new Versa so check before you download one.
- 90 days of Premium - IDK if this is every time you get a new one or just the first time you try but it's nice to see the extra features
-Size - It's very sleek, not too big or heavy on my wrist.
- Relax - This was something my Blaze had however I could only do 2 or 5 minute increments. This allows you to set the duration and whether it vibrates as it guides you through breathing.
-Always on display is pretty cool and a great feature to have
- I enjoy all the notifications, I don't mind not being able to text because I honestly wouldn't want to text from it. That's why I have my phone, but I appreciate being able to see the message or email at a quick glance.
- Charger - Came relatively charged and the charger is really easy to use. I'm not worried about accidentally ripping it out and sending the watch flying although I wish it were a little longer.

- The new bands - They aren't SO bad but I am not the biggest fan. They can be a little uncomfortable at times but I'm keeping an eye out for more options.
- Sometimes it takes a try to get the screen to light up although that could be me.
- Not all of the features are out yet. Things like Google Assistant and the ability to take calls were mentioned and something I was excited about however they aren't there yet. I'm willing to wait but it's definitely a con until it's updated.

- SpO2 % - Pretty cool that it can track this but I don't feel like it's something super important to me.
- No music storage except with Pandora or Deezer - I usually have my phone with me so not a big deal
- I've see other people complain about the new button but I have had no issues with it.

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