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These are great. Was able to get 4 kayaks on my ...

These are great. Was able to get 4 kayaks on my Subaru outback using two of these and one of the stackers in the middle. I used to have yakimas more expensive j cradles and they were not as good in my opinion on the yakima round bar. They rotated more than these did. I have a couple heavy kayaks on these a pamlico tandem and a tarpon 140.

I would buy these again

Five Stars

Easy to install and use!

2 Year Update - The quality of this Kayak carrier has been excellent! I leave the carriers on my car 100% of the time. The foam has held up to the exposure and use with no tearing and minimal wear showing. I am not a daily user, but probably monthly and at least twice yearly to transport about 700 miles round trip.

The quality of the carrier is excellent. I have used it in both configurations to transport either one or two kayaks. My experience is that in any configuration, the kayak(s) are held firm with no wobble. Lastly, I love that these fold down when not in use! Laying the carrier down makes it easy to keep on the car because my car would not fit through the garage door while they are in the upright position.

Brian M.
Almost Perfect... Better than the rest.

Yet another 5-star review for a 4.5-star product based purely on the fact that, while an imperfect rack; it's the best option available on the market...

It just makes sense to me that this thing would be adaptable for the second kayak so that you don't have to put it directly on your bars... I feel like engineers (and Yamika) missed out on a chance at the perfect rack and an easy extra $70...

Java Ray
Great Product. Mounts securely to my OEM roof rack.

I bought this to go on my 2014 Ford Escape with the factory roof rack and cross bars.
This fit perfectly and is very secure. I bought the locks that fit this and can install it and not worry about losing them.
I have them set to straight up position and mounted them so that the uprights are centered on my roof mounted antenna.
With this setup I am able to put one Kayak on the rack and the other one backed up to it.
They are they stable and this is an easy way to haul 1 or 2 kayaks without having to spend money on to racks or the more expensive racks made for 2. Very well made and easy to use.
I fold them down when not in use or I can easily remove them.
Great buy, great product.

Jordan Albano
Convenient, dependable kayak cradle

Love this cradle. Super easy to use (after putting up and taking down our 2 kayaks several times to find a rhythm). Wish the SKS core locks came with it but I bought those two weeks later for peace of mind and so I don’t have to lock them in the bed after taking the yaks down

I like the build quality and the support it offers the kayak. The ability to load a second yak alongside it is nice, I still add a layer of support to my crossbars in the form of two cutouts of foam pipe insulation.

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