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Great Value

Totally worth it. Pleasantly surprised by how well it works.

Mo Lacourse
Comes in very handy when out at night and you need to survey landscape

I got this night vision monocular because I live out in the country and with this device, I can view the surrounding area with ease. I don't hunt, but think this would be a terrific gift for any hunter. You really do get a very clear view of what is out in that darkness! I tried a couple of photos just to see what it looks like. I'll admit I am still learning the features, but I was satisfied with the results of those trial pics. I've even got to see some animals roaming the area with complete ease using this monocular. I got this to satisfy my curiosity about the things moving around out in these fields and it exceeded all my expectations using it for only a week. Worth the money!

Great Buy!

Great product! Fantastic customer service. Great Buy!

This is my first purchase of an item like this. I like it.

I like this night vision monocle. It is not half as good as my Army issued night vision helmet mounted monocle which is the only thing I have to compare. But I think this item is good. I like its features, battery seems to have a long life so far. Also, to be fair, I haven't had the chance to use it in an environment for which it is designed. I live very close to Los Angeles- lot's of light pollution.
For me the price was right, and even trying test it in the city- I still think this night vision scope is decent. I recommend this for anyone who is new to this technology and on a tight budget. If you have money, you should not be here reading this- go get one of those FLIR/thermal/night vision combo scopes starting on the low at about $2,000 up to $10K and beyond: )

Night vision

Great product for price

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