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Joseph H Scott
Retired ⁸

This is my first Serbian knife it took about 6 or 7 weeks to get the knife I also was beginning to think was it coming or not. Bit it did and I am happy with my decision. I have a good selection of Japanese knives but are to expensive to take camping or out on the boat. This is a rugged knife that I think will tackle any job I need it for .it is heavy enough to chop bone or small limbs for a fire. Easy to sharpen and holds it's edge well. I think I will be happy with my choice.

Dimitrios Batziakas

Serbian Almazan Chef Knife | Handmade Cooking Knive

James Dotson
Serbian chef knife

Very good just a long long time getting it! The knife was a gift for Christmas but was way late for that. Other than being late it seems to be very good and recipient was very pleased!

Jon C.
Great product

I bought this kitchen knife for a family member who loves to go camping. Very versatile tool for outdoorsmen.Highly Recommend this kickass knife.

Cody F.
This knife cuts into the future!!!

This knife is so sharp right out the package I looked at it and it cut me! The knife is so great!!!! It’s literally one of the best if not the best knife Ive purchased!!!

Only down fall! It needs a nice leather sheath!

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