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Paul Williams
MUST BUY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Worked perfect I would buy again. Fast shipping. The tank is Really detailed, The tank is flawless ! Easy to use !

Was not disappointed with this purchase.

I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my 11 year old son. The look on his face when he opened this reassured me this was an awesome purchase. He loves playing with it and is looking forward to a similar purchase in the future.

Paul K. Zetlmaier
These things are FUN

My 9 year old grandson and I both got a Tank. We had the best time you can imagine shooting airsoft pellets at each other and the target. The range is longer than advertised ! Once you get used to the operations it drives like a dream

M. Powell
Five Stars

having a lot of fun with this

Super Fun for my WWII Obsessed Son

We bought this for our 9 year old son, he LOVES it. It is one of his favorite toys. It drives over all kinds of stuff, is relatively fast, and shoots something fierce. The main gun sort of retracts before it fires, simulating recoil (the whole tank moves). The airsoft pelets have some serious oomph. It can dent a can from 5 feet. It makes squeaky tank track sounds when it moves and shooting sounds when it fires. The turret moves a little slowly but good enough.

Driving it is easy, although I would have preferred a 2 joystick configuration instead of buttons.

The only real cons would be:
1) The remote feels a little cheap
2) The antennae IS cheap, it broke within a week.

Several reviews say to keep it away from kids, I disagree. I'd say a kid from 5 up could safely play with this tank. If you worry about them shooting things with it, just keep the beebees locked up and pull them out when you can play with them (you will want to).

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