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Amazing product

I think a lot new moms has this disease, yes , so after I had my son, I got this too , at beginning I thought it would be gone after he grow up , because I don’t have to carry him too much like before , but recently I felt it went worse, even he is 2 now, probably I did too much house work would cause this problem too, I started to feel my arm getting numb after I woke up in the morning, so I have to reconsidered about my disease. Then one day I saw this stuff on the website, I looked up everywhere, then I bought this one , hope it helps. Now after a few days use , I figured at least my arm didn’t feel numb in the morning any more !!! It’s amazing!

Jen J
Relax your hand and wrist

if you spent lots of time on the computer, it will be the great prevention to your hand and wrist issue. I had figure issue last year, I bought hand massage and it helped. when I have wrist issue recently, I get this, and it helps too. I wish I would know then this one will solve all the hand problem. My friend and her daughter came for visit and tried it, both love it. They told me they are going to get one too.

J he
Good hand massage

This is decent hand massage. Three diff modes of manage and 3 diff levels of massage. It also comes with heating function which is great in winter. I especially like to use it at night in bed.

Cheryl Jordan
Great hand therapy

Had hand surgery great for therapy

Jorge P.

I like it

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