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Comfortable and supportive all year round

I love these slippers so much that I bought a second pair. I work from home and wear them all day long. They're warm in the winter and, I think because they are a natural fiber, they're not too hot in the summer!

M. Johnson
Comfortable, Simple, Attractive Slippers for Women or Men

I got these for my wife (and similar black ones for my dad) for Xmas based on a review. These are solid slippers and my wife loves them. Very easy to slip on and off, comfortable, and not slippery like bare socks on hardwoods. The color is quite good. These aren't "fuzzy" slippers like you might be used to, but I can tell they will wear much longer since the lambswool and other fuzzy slippers wear down quickly or get stinky from sweat. These appear to not suffer from this while still being warm enough in our "cool" California evenings. The soles are also rubber so she can wear them into the garage concrete to get laundry or pantry items no problem.

I got my dad a pair as well since he smokes a pipe outside a few times a day. He can slip these on and head out onto his back deck then slip them off when he's back inside. Even though the entry says "Women's" you can choose a men's size and, if they care, color. Dad got black and they also fit good and don't look feminine at all. Neither do my wife's look masculine. They are just excellent, functional slippers.

T Maddux
Great slipper!

I have horrible feet and can’t wear just any old shoe. I have to be very careful that all my shoes have pretty good support or I pay dearly for it. These slippers are fantastic! I work from home so I’m known to wear my slippers all day. When I do I have no problems at all. This will not be my last pair. I’ve looked for years for a slipper that I could wear all day around the house without having horrible foot pain the next day and I have finally found them.

Linda S
Nice slipper but disappointed

Unfortunately, although my slippers are only four months old, there are holes in the top of each by my large toes, and every day the holes get bigger. This isn't due to my nails being long, the slippers not the right size, or the dog chewing them. This is a manufacturing problem and they need to reinforce the area to avoid this from happening. Due to arthritis and loose ligaments, this hardsole slipper is very comfortable and allows me to walk without any pain. This slipper is also very expensive, too costly to have holes in them only four months into wearing them.

Susan Stephenson
Best and most comfortable house shoe ever!

Best house shoe I have ever owned! Absolutely love this shoe. I never want to take them off. I’ve searched forever for a nicely constructed house shoe. These fit like a glove, forms to your foot bed after a few days, making them even more comfortable. I would highly recommend these.

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