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I had been managing my rosacea pretty well for a few years with metronidazole (topical), but recently my rosacea got a lot worse. It was spreading further out on my face and I had a lot of bumps, and the metronidazole wasn't helping anymore, so that's why I gave this a try. It really did reduce the redness and soothed all the bumps, and pretty quickly, too. Of course, it didn't magically cure my rosacea, but it dramatically reduced it.

Kasey H
Thank goodness I found this. I really struggle with ...

Thank goodness I found this. I really struggle with rosacea since having my son, and this is a miracle treatment.

Kristen Millns
Nothing was touching my problem area and this did the job!

Only four days of use and I'm already seeing results! So so glad I found this ineffective spot treatment to add to my existing regimen!

I have found the right product

I have suffered from bad acne since I was a teenager. Nothing made it better. And I have tried everything.
I am now 38 and still had moderate acne with rosacea. I have been using this for 8 days.
My skin is so much better. Acne has almost disappeared. And the rosacea is 70% better.
I do not use anything else to treat acne or rosacea with this. I wash my face and then add a thin layer to needed areas.
After 5 minutes I then use moisturizer . I use it 2 times a day.

Amazing price

Great price!

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