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I love it! Knox hates it!

I'm not one to recommend products out of nowhere but I felt the need to share this one.

My dogs are escape artists and they know how to hide from me when I go searching for them. Sometimes it would take me hours to find one of them (Knox).

Those days are over! I purchased this and and as soon as Knox jumped the fence I knew exactly what to do. I found him within minutes! Apparently he's in love with one of the neighbor's dog. He was not happy I found him so quickly.

Best tracker on the market for the price!

I've tried the Whistle 3 and the Wanda's GPS Dog Tracker blows it out of the water, it has so many features and the customer service department is super helpful.

It lets you set-up Virtual Fences and when your dog steps outside the Virtual Fence it Alerts you either by Phone, Email, or Browser whatever you pick. I have one setup really small so that as soon as she leaves the house I know she has left the house, and I have a second larger one which is what I consider her safe space.

The compass that leads you to your dog is awesome and the light you can turn on at night is also super helpful.

I highly suggest the premium service as it lets you export where you have walked your dog and share it with friends and also tracks top speed, along with many other features.

The app works great on my Droid phone and I just found they have a second app that I haven't even tried yet.

Anyway I highly highly recommend this tracker.

Very accurate

Peace of mind,my dog lives in country and would be gone for hrs
And couple of times more than a day, now I know where she's is and where she been and goes.

Good piece of mind, also fun to spy on your cat!

My cat is like a little dog and pretty much always comes running home to come inside when I call him. Recently he took off and stayed out for 3 days, which was not normal for him. I worried that he was dead and never coming back. Probably a bit melodramatic, but I really love him and it’s never happened before so I was really freaked out.

This will give me piece of mind that he is nearby and on the move, if I really wanted to I could walk or drive to where he and attempt to drag him home.

It seems a little slow sometimes and the battery life and accuracy could be improved, but it’s pretty great. I felt like the $80-$100 fee upfront for a full year (you can’t make monthly payments) was a bit steep. But it was worth it to me to not spend days crying about my cat possibly being dead.

Very good GPS tracker—BEST tracker for the price.

Love this. BEST gps tracker for the price/subscription. This is attached to my cat’s harness as he goes on his daily walks around the 2-3 houses around me. I can always look on my phone and see his EXACT location any second.

Also, the charger is a magnet, so very easy to charge.

Live tracking uses more battery than just updating every few minutes.. but NOT much battery.. I keep it on for safety, and just make sure I charge it every other day.

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