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Great Machine!

I'm loving my Adjustable Die Cutting & Embossing Machine so far, because it's sturdy and easy to use.
I do wish, though, that there were more videos on youtube relating to cutting machines as opposed to other brands.

J England
A great working machine

Wow' finally a great machine & i've already tried 3 others, that didn't perform as described, but this die cut & embosser works exactly as described, i'll be having loads of fun with this i hope for a long time.

VERY GLAD that i TOOK THE CHANCE and bought this...

I have had to wait for years, to buy crafting equipment... I have to choose with care... THIS medium size press has worked wonderful for me (the video that they put out, really helped me choose, too)... compact, easy to put away, the adjustments work... the instruction book was excellent, and the the cautions, are listed well... the company dealt very nice with me, as well... it is versatile for embossing OR die cutting... very very nice!

Sandi Lou
Will definitely meet your needs

This cutting/embossing machine is large enough and sturdy enough to meet what ever crafting or sewing need you may have. I have limited storage space, so I appreciate how compact it is. I comes with excellent instructions or you can watch the video. I'm sure that I will get a lot of use from this machine.

Jackie Bee
Yay, It’s here!

I can’t wait to do everything I got this for! I love the freedom this offers and I hope it lives up to all of the wonderful reviews and videos I’ve seen.

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