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Jessica P.
Good quality for price

The quality of this violin is eminent as soon as you remove it from its carrying case. All of the strings and tuners are tight and it has a good, warm, solid look to it. The bridge was in when we got it and my son started plucking it right away.

Jeanet T.
Great value

For the price, it's definitely worth it. As others have said, learn how to do things before you just jump in and tinker with it. After some patient set up, everything works and sounds good.

Sasha F.
Worth the price

Beautiful from the case yo the violin and now inside. Can’t wait for our granddaughter to take lessons and play with her dad( after Covid)

Benjamin P.
Great instrument to see if interest is there.

I purchased for my young grandson and it truly is a great instrument for him trying to see if violin playing has his interest. Carries a tune, bow very professional, nice wood finish. Glad I purchased it. He loves the case which is well made .

Mary D.
Great quality for the price

It was a good budget violin for my kid. Our teacher said it was acceptable for her skill level.

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