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Bob Miksch`
Good to go

My Bushnell died after 3 years, the jolt feature jiggled itself to death. Not wanting to spend that much money again, I opted for this Wanda's unit. Works fine. Slightly cheaper build quality, and uses batteries instead of USB charging like some others, but gets the job done at 1/4th the price. Accurate where I have comparison data. Pinseeker technology. Same operation as Bushnell. Good optics. Having a laser rangefinder really improves my golf game, helps me select the right club whether its to reach the pin or avoid a hazard. And I say that as a high handicapper senior golfer, not a young pup Rickie Fowler flat-brimmed Puma cap wearer wantabee. At this price why would you not have it in your bag?

Accurate, great for hunting

Husband is an avid hunter, and we both target shoot. We live in New England and I don't think there is anywhere that is flat! The range finder he had for years, and paid a lot for, recently bit the dust. I thought I would clean it, but that's another story. This had good reviews, and being a great price was worth a try. It's accurate. There's a buck hanging in the garage to prove it. It has a really great, semi-hardsided sturdy case too. Can run it through your belt and it zips closed. If you're out using it, you can just drop the range finder into the case, pull the elastic onto the knob (can't think of a better word at the moment), to secure it quietly, without zipping.
Its very lightweight. We don't golf, so can 't speak to that application, but for hunting it's a win.

Bought as gift for husband

My husband loves this. He is very happy with his gift. Who knows if it helps his game!

Excellent value

In checking these for accuracy against other laser scope snd hand held expensive equipment we have found these
To be durable, small ans easy to store, quick referencing with having them in upper side pocket ... the
Outer protection of the unit is strong snd built for rugged use.
Battery life seems excellent in cold weather


Although skeptical at first, after having owned 2 other rangefinders that were substantially more expensive and from respected companies, after using the Tec Tec Tec unit several times now, I have to say that I am impressed with its performance. the proof lies in its quick acquisition of target, immediate indication of precise range, and otherwise high functional performance. I'm quite happy with this purchase!

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