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I love this machine works amazing, it is very powerful and beautiful, customer service is great they are super sweet and helpful. 10/10 recommended

Highly recommend

Have had this for six months.. Use it all the time.. friends user it as well.. What can I say we're vain.. But it works very well and when and if it breaks.. I'll get another one.. Highly recommend

Ri Ma
Big reccomandations

I get my ultrasonic slimming machine a week ago and I using it every day, 2 time in day and I can see a results already its very easy to use, you can choose Any level from 3 and its not painful. I really like my new product I will keep using this for better results. Big reccomandations

Ashley Austin
Worth every penny! Powerful Machine

I must say my instructor recommended this machine as a good start for new business and we worked on our students with this machine as well. I so happy with my purchase, although it is very powerful I did have to turn the cavi and the RF down a bit as it can burn the skin very quickly so be sure to adjust the temps to your clients liking. Results have been amazing so far my clients are loosing 2-3 inches per session. Although my machine came cracked on the exterior glass and the blue siding, it did not affect any of the modulate devices, the cracking had nothing to do with company it was those darn careless FedEx deliveries event though it was packaged perfectly with a wooden metal frame boxed and wrapped in foam I saw them roll and throw my delivery in my offices package area no bueno! I informed my Rep who has and was very sweet and accommodating throughout the entire process and rectified the situation for me. Overall the machine is absolutely great!!!!!!!

Gabi's Choice
Improvement from the first time

I was actually impressed with this gadget. I did not expect to see results on the first use, but I did see some difference. A friend of mine, who is Physiotherapist recommended and I decided to give a try. Here are some highlights

- Well designed packaging (great as a gift)
- Device manual in several languages and with illustration
- Well built
- Seems to have high-quality material
- LED function - scientifically proven to improve skin texture
- RF device does cause slight heating of the skin - expected
- it is relaxing to use
- 3 levels of intensity
- Ultrasound function to help with skin cellulitis

Do follow the instructions, you must use it with a gel and respect the machine time.
Enjoy! I'll come back for more updates as soon I can see more improvements but I did notice my skin is smoother right after doing it.

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