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UV Light Sanitizer Wand, Handheld UVC Light Sanitizer

GREAT PRODUCT, makes me feel more secure during this Covid19 virus. Very easy to use and it is hopefully, doing what it is intended to do.

Judith Basic
It is necessary for me to buy one

I purchased this product because I am a teacher going back to work during the pandemic,
and I am also a germaphobe. I love that it is compact and I can put it in my purse or school bag. I use it in public restrooms, restaurants, and in my car. At school I can quickly disinfect my phone,
keyboard, and high touch areas. This was a good investment, and I will use it even after the pandemic.

very good

I decided to purchase this UV Light sanitizer because I feel with all the viruses going around, a tool like this can become handy when traveling.
In my line of work, I rent cars and commute to different cities, so this portable and light unit easily allows me to use it for the purpose of killing viruses while on the road.
I use it on the seat, on the steering while and compartments. Basically anywhere my hands would touch.
There are mixed reviews on this unit,
I think it’s worth having in times like these.
It’s very easy to use,

jennifer dimostra
Exquisite workmanship and high-end

The stable performance of the product is very good don't look at such a small thing exposure range is really quite wide
Appearance: beautiful appearance, elegant and simple black fashion show the atmosphere.
Capacity: small size, easy to carry.
Easy to operate: very easy to operate and lasts 40-50 minutes on full charge.It's so convenient to charge it with a USB cable.
Other features: Child lock as safety stopper, also send a UV - resistant glasses.It is very important to protect the eyes.
This is a very satisfying purchase. Not only can you use this machine to disinfect towels, pillows and sheets at home, but you can also use this machine to disinfect towels, pillows and sheets at the hotel when you travel outside.

Maddie Smith
Rest assured to buy

I bought this disinfect surfaces of my apartment like bed covers, sofa, tables etc. I have read a lot of positive recommendations that UV lights are very effective at killing different types of bacteria and viruses. We are living in difficult times and extra steps to disinfect our home are very important. This tool is very easy to use and very compact doesn’t take much space. I try to use it every day. Takes around 5 minutes to run through sofa, bed and tables. I also use it to run through groceries and incoming mail packages. I am hoping this tool will help to prevent any virus coming to my home:)

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