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Great robotic RC vehicle with Camera

This robotic rc car is definitely a fun and interesting toy for the little ones. This car has to be connected to its own WiFi and app, which was pretty easy to follow from the instruction manual. Within the app, there are many features (see from pictures). The controller is functioned within the phone app.

The rc car has a feature within the app where you can draw and the car will follow what you draw on the phone app. There are 3 gears speed (1,2,3) as 1 being the slowest and 3 is the fastest speed. The camera head could be controlled vertically ( up and down). The light will turn it on by itself if it detects the environment to be dark. In addition, there are 1 game available within the app that the kids can play ( single player or with their friends if they have the sam robot). I’m not too sure but basically, the game is about shooting the other robot car down . I bought two of these rc cars and I saw my toddlers had a lot of fun together.

The camera is somewhat decent for its 720p. I can see the picture pretty clear. The rc car feels a little bit heavy on hands when it is being compared to the other rc cars that I had previously. This is good in the ways that the materials and the design of the car are both solid and nice.

Something that I didn’t really like is the battery size. The size is 3.7v/ 500mAh. This is enough for the RC car to be running around for 20-30 minutes. Moreover, it is kinda of a hassle to charge the battery and put it back every time because I need to screw it. In addition, as the the robotic car is farther away from the phone, the camera starts to lag a little bit.

But overall, this toy is fun for my little ones even though it was supposed to be for older kids ( 10+ I believe). If you have younger kids, you will have to just help them set it up and change the battery.

Simply amazing

This is one of the coolest toys!!!
I got it as a gift for my kids and I was blown away on how cool it is! Super simple to use and the camera quality is amazing!
The robot is really fast!
I’m sure I’ll be using it more than the kids haha

Remote controlled cross-country car is very interesting

My child gave his son a remote control car for his birthday. He liked it very much. It is equipped with a huge camera, which can provide real-time video images through the application program. The wheels are relatively large, anti-skid includes two batteries, each battery lasts for about 25 minutes, and can be charged through the power bank, and lasts for quite a long time, which is very suitable for children and adults. It can be driven on the grass, and it can also be driven in the mud. The remote control car is really interesting. My children and I like it very much!

Little boys will love it

My little nephew loves the present I gave him, and he can't help it. Playing at home all day,

Fun and convenient.

I got this as a toy to play with the cats. It’s perfect. Took the cats about 30 seconds to get used to the sound but after that they loved it and I can follow it around corners from the couch. I tied a cat toy behind it and they chase it all day long. My favorite part is I can see where I am going without getting up.

Also like that it uses my phone and not a remote control for me to lose.

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