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E. Lauer
Magic worker!

I bought this for my 16 year old. She periods have kept in bed. We got this as a last afford. The first day of her period usually means not leaving the house. As soon as she turned the device on she felt so much better. It didn't take all the discomfort away however it made it so she could move and be functional. I totally recommend this device for anyone who has bad cramps.

Christal Stavne
Life changing!

Ladies this is so worth the money! Absolutely saved me during those time of awful cramps. Instead of being miserable on the couch I’m out and about with no cramps!

Changed My Life

This has literally been the only thing to help my excruciating pain from Dysmenorrhea. I HIGHLY recommend.

Katrina Allen
OMG, I can actually function again

I have PCOS and very painful periods. Ibprofen is not cutting it for me anymore. Every period, it feels like all my organs from the inside are swelling and pushing against each other and fighting each other for room in a very small cavity. This can also be accompanied by nausea and lately, migraines. It's wonderful fun, so much so that I missed a third day of work in the past year and finally gave in.

It works wonders. Sometimes it takes away 97% of the pain away to the point that I have actually wanted to skip around as I walked. Some periods, for a few hours at a time, it only takes my pain down 50-60%. Though 50% might not sound like much, it makes a huge difference in actually being able and wanting to go out and do things. Being able to go to work. Being up for movies with the significant other. Wanting to eat or actually being able to do hobbies that you enjoy. Not being afraid of walking up 3 steps. Getting your life back. I would say on average that it reduces my pain most of the time around 80%. It also seems to help prevent my headaches sometimes.

Some things they don't tell you that I really wish I had known. Don't forget to charge it before you need it!!!! They suggest 12 hours of charging. It lasts all day which is super nice. The sticky pads last around 3-4 periods before you need to swap them out with new ones. There are 2 sets of extra sticky pads for when you need to exchange them. Sticks pretty good. The actual machine clip is to clip onto your pants is actually pretty flimsy and I'm constantly worried about losing it depending on the pants. I'm still trying to figure out what to do instead of the clip that would be more sturdy. Sometimes you have to trial and error on placement of pads for them to work the best, though usually its pretty easy. It is actually pretty comfy and fairly discreet.

I would highly recommend 5 out of 5 to give this a try.

Worth the money

I have been using this for awhile now and it brought my pain (with birth control) down from a 10 to a 2 or 1. I was worried about spending so much money on something I've had such a huge problem dealing with but it's worth it. It takes my pain away completely in 9-20 minutes

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