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Stephen Bialkowski IV
Great bang for the buck

This inexpensive gadget has some fun features. Customer support is great. I justify giving this a 5 star rating because most of my kids "cheap" plastic toys cost most than this. But it simply isn't designed to compete with the high end market.

The IR LED feature peaked my interest. I have only made a few videos with the IR LEDs on at night with the camera in a fixed position, with a little ambient light bleeding into the back of the room (30 feet away). This feature works well in these circumstances. The image quality seems fine. I was surprised it came with a microphone considering the cost. The microphone seems on par with that in my 2008 workbook pro.

The manual is a little thin. But, support has been prompt in resolving my concerns.

My conclusion: I have no buy remorse. I'd buy it again if I lost it.

Lisa Spinella
Much useful for security

This camera was super easy to set up! I was really excited to get this and it has exceeded my expectations! It’s small and can be mounted anywhere. I had my truck broken into recently so having this camera will put my mind at ease! I will be buying another one!!

Cindy Vandergraph
Great camera for affordable price

Very impressed with quality of image, very good IOS app. Easy to set up, has so useful features like motion mode, night mode. So far tested only as regular camera, will install it as spy camera outside soon, hope will help me.

Surprised by the video quality

I have to say, I was incredibly surprised that this little camera packs quite the punch when it comes to video quality, record time and doing exactly what I wanted it to do.

The mini design makes me feel exactly what I need

Perfect! Just what we needed! You can see and hear everything live right from your phone. You can speak through the cameras as well. The quality is amazing and the motion detection is a super plus. I love how well it works with my phone. I’ve ordered two more, can’t wait for them to arrive. Two thumbs up for quality and price.

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