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Journey Girl
Great interactive toy for your dog

My dog LOVES this animal ball toy.
Keeps our energetic dog entertained. And we have a small active dog (chihuahua mix)
If you get annoyed easily, this toy will irritate you, but it doesn't bother me.

You’ll turn your tv volume up after this purchase

4 year old Australian Collie who loves “interactive” toys...

He does like to destroy toys that make noises but I put this ball in one of those rubber “spongy” type balls to keep him from getting his teeth in it easily.

He absolutely LOVES this ball and won’t put it down..

Pros: pupper LOVES this toy and won’t put it down.
Also doubles as a security alarm when walking around at night when it’s on the floor
Extremely sensitive/long battery life

Long battery life!!

Stuart K.
My dog freaking loves this toy!!!!

My dog freaking loves this toy!!!!!
He picks it up and carries it around like his long lost best friend.

B. Pereira
Dogs on crack!

This is one fantastic product! I put it on the ground, my dog sniffed around it and the moment it made a sound, he nabbed it. First I bought the large size, but he would get it stuck in his mouth. So, I went back and bought the smaller ball. Once he grabs it, he does not put it down. He will miss meals, water, playing with the other dogs, snacks, and petting for this ball. I swear it is infused with heroin or something! He is so obsessed with it that we have had to limit his time with it to an hour at a time. He knows exactly where we store it and will stand and cry for it. I have to admit that when he's hyper and barking at everything, we sometimes had him to ball so we can get some peace and quiet.

Also, my family swears it is inhabited by a ghost. It says the most appropriate things at the right times. It's hilarious. If one of the other dogs farts, it just happens to say "Eww, that's gross." When my son walks by, it usually says something appropriate like "Hey, daddy". It's as entertaining for us as it is for him, more so actually. There are 3 of these balls and I've purchased them all and they are all equally entertaining. I have 4 dogs, but the other 3 aren't that interested in them. Besides, I don't think this dog would allow them near the balls. I'm afraid that if I were to put all 3 out, he'd try to get them all in his mouth at the same time! You'll sure get your money's worth with this toy!!

Honest opinion
Adorable. Love it!!! (I think the dogs do too). So would kids, and children!

I don’t know who is more amused with this ball, the demon dogs or me. Lol
I crack up every time they nudge it and it starts antagonizing them. (Maybe I just enjoy the payback on these naughty mutts!) lol

Sit back and enjoy, I guarantee you will love this as you try and convince people you actually bought it for the demon dogs. Lol

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