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My new peace of mind

I wasn’t sure a device like this existed, but I’m so glad it does and that I now own it! I travel a lot and prefer to stay in rental apartments or houses rather than hotels. Due to less stringent privacy laws, I often worry I am being spied upon with hidden cameras or other recording devices. This little unit gives me peace of mind that I can make a sweep and detect such devices. My husband and I tried it in our own home and it found all of the test devices we had hidden. It is extremely small, lightweight, and easy to charge. This will travel with me everywhere now. Awesome find!

Ahmad Restu

I got this product out of curiosity as my family is in the security business and tracking. We install surveillance camera and tracking devices for better fleet management. I got intrigued about how you can be in your private car with hidden GPS tracker. I wanted to know how well this will work in detecting trackers as thieves might use it before stealing. So far i was able to capture interference that show presence of tracker but it could be other things as well.. It is a fun gadget for our teenage kids and questionable when trying to protect an asset from being stolen or recover a stolen good since the thief will find the tracking device and yank it out....just saying. It is good for good intentions, and bad for bad

Ruth G.

i travel alot and always stay at Airbnb apartments. to protect our privacy we decide to get this. this will help and ensure no spy cam is setup in any of our room. i tested it at home near our security cam it works as advertised. you can change the sensitivity of the scan for signals. during testing in hotel or apartment, if there are wifi equipment, i suggest to turn it off temporarily, and shut down your mobile phone, and any other Bluetooth device. This will not interfering and give you any false alarm

Jimmy Jones
Great and efficient product

I frequently travel and stay at hotel. With this hunter I feel safe now.
I tried once with my car which has gps tracker. So I was able to locate in minutes where placed gps tracker in my car. It was amazing experience. I like it

I like it

Now when I check in a hotel room, I can detect whether a spy camera exists. It makes me more comfortable.

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