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Better than expected

Better than I had expected from some of the reviews. I wanted an inexpensive option that didn’t require an IR source and these delivered. I’ll probably never know what a gem 2 or 3 looks like to compare it to, but I have a dark fence line on my property that is totally blacked out to the naked eye and these let me see the entire thing. If I turn on the IR illuminator, it’s like turning on a spotlight. Anyway, if you’re looking for a really budget NV, give it a try. You do have to constantly refocus at different ranges, but who cares, it’s awesome.

Ronald L. Parks
Great performance for the Buck!

I really like this unit. It did what I expected and more and didn't break the bank! I recommend it with no reservations.

Chris De Pierre
Excellent for the price.

This night vision scope works great. Just make sure you adjust the eyepiece lens before you adjust the big scope lens. It has good range and clear as I would expect it to be. My kids and friends love to play with it and see what's going on at night in my wooded backyard! Definitely a good buy...

Tony H.
Focus with both the rotating eyepiece and objective lens

This unit replaces an old unit I had that was manufactured in Russia. Viewing our backyard at night in a city (so ambient light) was bright enough to see clearly. Image at center of lens was in focus and crisp. Way better than the unit I bought a decade ago. Performance aligns with other reviews (e.g. shallow depth of field; center of image in focus).

FOCUS: The rotating eyepiece took more effort to turn at first than expected. The eyepiece was screwed down pretty tight. Had to use more force to turn it counter-clockwise than I would like. After that it worked great. DON'T BREAK THE EYEPIECE if it's screwed on tight when the unit arrives. But it may be tight when new. And you MUST use BOTH the rotating eyepiece AND the rotating objective lens at the other end to adjust the focus. Otherwise everything will just be blurry if you only rotate the objective lens to focus and never adjust the eyepiece.

Andrea Lamorand
A must buy for night vision on a budget.

I am a military combat veteran, so I have a lot of experiance with night vision. This is a Gen 1 analog low light device with a classic green display as you would see in the military. For a Gen 1 this is an outstanding buy. Most Gen 1 night visions will have a small spot or 2 in them which is natural, and so did mine. Mine was located in the outter right portion of the monical and is hardly even noticable. The clarity is way beyond what I could have expected out of older technology like this. With two focal lenses, one in the front and rear, you can dial in for a very crisp picture. The field of view is a little narrow, but it made clear that it would be being a monocular. I am in a suburban area with a lot of ambient light bouncing off of the atmosphere and I can still see tons of stars with this product. I also like the fact that it takes AAx2 batteries so hunting for power is not a problem. Additionally, it has an infrared light that you can turn on and off if you wish. The housing is also fairly good and feels natural in my hand. If you are wondering which night vision to purchase, stop looking and start buying this before it sells out.

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