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Works well on a sub-zero grill (temp, not brand)

We’ve got a couple Weber’s. A kettle with cast grates from a Stök, and a Genesis with the iron grates it came with. This brush knocked the grease off both with no problems on a freezing midwestern day. Reviewing a grill grate seemed like a good enough excuse for firing up the grills for some steaks and vegetables (shrimp).
After the grilling was done and the grates has cooled, out came the brush again, and it did a fantastic job with minimal pressure.
Looking at he brush after cleaning both grills twice, it still looked brand new.
The handle is good quality plastic with one of those hanging loops grill tools are expected to have. The angle is about right but it’s easy to change with pliers if you don’t like it.

Debbie Murphy
Best purchase

This has got to be the best grill cleaning brush I have ever come across....
So happy with my purchase!!!
Best money ever spent...***** AAA+++

A must have for a weekend griller!

Fast easy way to clean your grill! Steam it while brushing it, extra length so you dont burn your hand while brushing, hook on end of handle quickly allows you to hang it on your grill for easy use! Great price!

Autumn Sage
Perfect grill brush!

I love this grill brush. I watched a medical show where the bristles on a wire brush stayed on the grill and got into a kids hamburger. The wire ended up closing his colon and he was very sick. Ever since then I make sure I use something else.

I have this hanging on my Weber grill. It looks great and works great. It is very solid and seems to fit well in my small hand or my boyfriend’s big hands. I’ve had it for months now.

As of the last weekend I am looking to replace it. Not fault to the manufacture. My boyfriend grabbed it when the grill was preheating and forgot it was plastic and it singed the bristles, they are melted. I wish there was a replacement head to put on it but I have not seen one and even went to the company website and it does not mention there is one but it appears you might be able to remove it. I might replace with the same brush it is that good!

Lonnie E. Holder
The Beast of Grill Brushes

We have purchased too many grill brushes over the years. Unfortunately, they have a habit of deteriorating almost immediately, and many of them are unable to clean a grill unless the grill is nearly cold. This brush, on the other hand, is a beast.

After opening the long box, we discovered this heavy duty brush inside. The brushes are ultra-stiff, and there are three of them side-by-side. The 90 degree bends in the brush help remove debris from the back of the grill and the front of the grill, where many brushes are unable to reach. The bristles are really strong. Avoid poking from the bristles because they can hurt. While our other brushes have tended to mash and bend when trying to clean burned-on food, this brush maintains its shape, blowing away leftover cooking debris easily. The bristles are stainless steel, so they should last quite a while without rusting. We are unsure of whether the wire that holds the bristles is stainless steel, but we hope the wire is stainless as well.

The handle is relatively long at 10.5 inches, more than long enough for our gas grill, which is a typical four-burner grill. The length helps keep hands toward the edge of the grill and away from heat, since we tend to clean our grill while it is very warm to hot. The handle is reasonably easy to hold, and includes a couple of ridges to reducing slipping during serious cleaning. The handle includes a string loop for hanging.

We are unable to recall when a grill brush impressed us. This grill brush does. The configuration of the brush provides lots of cleaning power with a combination of vertical and horizontal sections. We believe the stainless steel bristles are likely to last for years. The handle provide a reasonably long reach and is easy to grip. As grill brushes go, this one seems like a winner that deserves our five star rating.


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