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Jon S.
Great equipment!

Just what I was looking for. Works just as it should and very high quality.

Bar V.
Not a one device solution but a great complimentary tool

We added theses straps to our home gym about days ago. We have been really happy with it overall. I mounted it and it has been rock solid. We don’t use it for a one device solution but rather as a complimentary tool in our home gym.

Jeffey R.
Great Product!

I've had a number of injuries over the years so I love practice for both rehab as well as for general resistance training. I've always used these at the gym and decided to purchase one as my current gym does not have one, and I would like to be able to use these outside.

Fer D.
Amazing product

Absolutely love this product. Straight forward assembly, comfortable rubber handles and very reasonable price. GREAT PRODUCT

Hendrick K.
Great product

I found the suspention training kit to be a very good product. I found it affordable, good quality and being low impact, it allows me to put in serious workouts without the risk of injury that often occurs when I lift free weights.

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