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Gabriel B
Happy wife, happy life!

I wanted to buy the lowest priced product of this type that would provide a good experience and I am not disappointed. It seems well made and works as described. According to my research this cheaper priced item uses the same technology and materials as the much more expensive units. The reviews of this item falls in line with the reviews for the much more expensive units also. I bought it for my wife and she is only into the second week of using it...every second day for 3 months to really notice results so I cannot comment as to how effective this technology is. I am expecting her to get satisfactory results because it seems the people who are getting good results are the people who are using it correctly over the recommended time. My wife is happy with it so that's all that really matters.

becky west

So far so good. Actually saw hair patches not grow back after first use. Really easy to use.

Susan H

I’m so excited to use it but it comes with a little damage I’m so glad that the seller is really great. He/she really communicating to fixed the problem. Great product and Great seller!!! 👍👍👍

Tim Bezner
Salon results!

My wife has been using it for around a month and she seems to think it is working well. While it may still be too early to be certain and repeated use is required, it appears to be an effective way to remove hair. Based on how much a salon visit costs, this will pay for itself very quickly.

Emailed me a great PDF manual...

It got here a day early, I was pretty excited... thanks for emailing me a PDF manual it's great!

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