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I was excited to try this for my knee to get some relief. It is a very cool little device with a nice massage. The battery lasted many massages.

Fabian Peña
Looks like a robot head

Bought it for my father in law never used it my self but he seemed to like it . He also told me that the pain has starting to calm down

Richard B
Really helps knee pain!

My husband has worked in construction for many years in a role that has made his knees painful. I didn’t know that a device like this actually existed and I’m glad I found it for him.
He likes it because it’s not too overpowering for his knees after he gets off of work.
He said it took a little bit of time to get the settings correct because there are only three buttons that you have to keep using back and forth. If it was a touch screen it would be better. The messaging and heat feels great.
He has been using it everyday before he goes to bed. And on the weekends when he gets up. He says it elevated the pain so he can think of other things besides the pain.
The TENS unit that is built into the machine wasn’t powerful enough for him so he uses his own.
He is really grateful for this knee massager.

Brandi Hollis
Knee Massager is Versatile! Works both ways for comfort and on upper arm too!

We love this little knee massager! It is really perfect for the size of most knees, and works for massaging upper arm (vaccination sites) as well. It comes on with all functions lit up at once, but you can turn them off with the main button. Turning up the heat is easy as well and it goes up to level HOT!! Th amount of uses before it needs a recharge is more than you’d think. I am not counting uses, but I never know how many more I will get on the single charge up. I did not use the tens electro-pads yet, but these will come in handy too, for areas this massager can’t reach. It even has a nice storage bag to keep all the parts.

This massager can be used on the knee or wherever else that fits bidirectionally. If you use it upside down, it is fine... maybe it is more comfortable for YOU that way. I checked the listing after I noticed I was using it “upside down” where the wording was literally all upside down, and my husband was using it “rightside up” to be able to see all the controls. The listing has photos of it being used both ways - so it is up to the user’s comfort level. You will see when you use it, what works better for you. My husband and I both have bad knees... we always hear “popping” which is not fun, and just agreed to get a knee massager to help alleviate some of the daily pain.

This knee massager has a good compression level, good kneading level, and the heat is most definitely HOT if you crank the level all the way up. I think for the money, that is serves its purpose over and over again. Awesome little massager and doesn’t break the bank. Gets lots of uses out of one charge. Recommended!

Brad Parr
Excellent Product

We use this on both knees everyday.

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