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Karen P
Works great, once I figured out how to adjust my OS preferences...

Ok, first off, I loved this player for helping me play a 20 year old cassette of my mom’s birthday messages to me. She passed 4 years ago, this was a true treasure uncovered. I have a Mac, running OS 10.14. I also already had Audacity installed ( the included half sized CD was useless). There are things you will need to do to make this work with Audacity. Before opening that program, you will first
1. need to connect the cassette player
2. Open System Preferences, select Sound
3. Click the USB audio device as the input device
4. In Applications, open Utilities, open Audio Midi Setup
5. Select Window>Show Audio Devices
6. On the left, click on the USB Audio
7. Now launch Audacity
8. On the top toolbar , click View, scroll down to Toolbars, select Device toolbar. Core Audio will show as Built in Output. Next to that, select Core Audio: USB Audio device.
9. Hit the record button, then press the play button on your USB cassette player.

I didn’t hear anything, but I saw the sound bars activated. I recorded until they stopped, and when I played it back, there was my mom’s voice. Save the file and you are done! Best $20 that I’ve ever spent!

Mark A. Franjione
Works better than expected

It came with a mini-CD for the Audacity application, but I ended up downloading the free version from the Audacity website. The cassette tape I had was a 30 year old recorded speech, not music, so I can't comment about its ability of recording 30 year old music tape. The cassette tape loaded into the software, which has a ton more features than what I needed. I'm sure if I wanted to "clean up" the cassette tape's and the recording's imperfections, the Audacity software has that capability.

Rediscover your old favorite songs!

I’m probably one of the few people that still has cassette tapes lying around. I’ve been wanting to find a way to listen to them again, and this cassette player is the solution! I love that it comes with headphones so you can listen straight from the device. Or, you can even transfer the content from the tape into an mp3 on your computer. I was surprised at how easy it was to do!

Mark K
It's a Nice Device

It does a good job.

It took some experimentation for me to figure out the best process.

We had an old box of cassettes, and it was great to be able to save them as
MP3s and share them.

So, this device is everything I thought it would be.

Melissa Barnett
Awaken the Nostalgia

This device is very easy to use! From unboxing until hooking up took just a few minutes. I was able to salvage some funny memories from many years ago. It was like a walk down memory lane really. Between the ease of use and the purpose I'd recommend this product.

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