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THIS VACUUM IS AMAZING! it really works for me!

Lemonade z
Great machine

Good power suction. It charges easy, it is well made. Many attachments but mainly is the power of the machine, I am very happy with it, it has a good wall mount. That German Shepher cannot cannot win, I have the vacuum to fix his mess.

Great Little Vacuum

I am not an electrician or tech expert but I am a satisfied customer. I have a cat who tracks litter all over the house. I bought ANOTHER BRAND of mini vacuum and eventually threw it out because it was weak and too loud. This one is strong enough to quickly pick up messes and it is quiet for a handheld vacuum. It is solidly made -- I like that the company makes power tools -- and the attachments fit snugly. There is even a turbo carpet/pet hair attachment with a spinning brush powered by 4AAs. All in all, this is solid unit, with a fair price. It comes with a charging rack, which was small enough that I could tuck it away in the closet.

a handy little vacuum cleaner

I love having this in the house . IT works at getting crumbs up both high and low, on tables. in corners where my upright bissell can't reach. Its great that i could suck up beads and retrieve them without them being ruined . I always have a vacuum around even though I do not have carpeting in the house. I like to have these around cause if i break a glass I can get up all the little flecks that could get into my feet and cause a infection which could be bad for me being diabetic. I have already cleaned up glass with it it sucked it up. not a problem was able to get under my altar table and it saved the day so to speak. great little handy tool for the craftroom and for clean ups. cute little vacuum and nice color as well. works efficiently charges good as well. thanks you.


Product is good worth the money does the job

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