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Great for monitoring my little ones.

Someone who bought a few of these for friends and family has recommended this product. This was indeed a wonderful recommendation, as this camera works really well. I can place a few of these throughout the inside of my home, since it’s a pretty cool looking clock! What’s nice is that It has no visible signs of it having a camera. This is my first, but I’ll consider getting more once I test it for a few days. I’m currently using this one to monitor my children and the video quality is much more than I have been expecting. This is rechargeable and it holds the charge for a decent amount of hours. You also have the option of leaving it plugged in so you never have to worry about loosing power. It takes just a few minutes to setup and It was pretty easy. It is a very sleek looking clock, packed with a camera and much needed features that makes me happy with being able to check up on my children when I’m away from the house.

demetrio polanco
Fufills everything promised

very good product whth an excellent image, nobody can detect that there is a camera hehind the clock screen i recommend it.

Well designed small clock security camera

The clock is small so that it can be placed anywhere. It contains a large rechargeable lithium ion battery so that it can be placed in places where there is no outlet for a few hours. It comes with a usb charging cable and charger so that it can be plugged and used as a small functioning clock. The clock display is bright so that is easily readable during day or night time. The clock digits are in royal blue, so it is a nice color and appears to be high value clock.

The hidden security camera lens cannot be seen due to glossy face of the clock. The hidden camera can take picture either in daylight or even at night using infrared LEDs. There is a slot to insert a micro SD card for recording photos and videos. Once the security camera is setup on the wifi network, the associated app can be used to view the real time view anywhere, so it can be used as a security camera or a nanny camera to keep an eye on an infant or a pet. The app can be used to set whether camera should capture scenes when a motion is detected.

The manufacturer must have great faith in the product to offer 3 years of replacement protection, which is above the normal standard these days for electronic device of this category and 1 year refundable period.

Emanuel Bastos
Nice Product

Very Good product. What was the most nice was the support. Ray was easy and prompt to answer.

Thank you!!!

rodolfo h.
Good product

The product works good, easy setup and the quality of the video is great.
One of the features I really liked is the motion detection
also wanted to point out that the customer service from the seller is A+, had an issue with set up and he reply me quickly and try to solve the issue with excellent communication and great service.
Highly recommend!

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