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Christopher Roux
My 10 year old loves it!

My 10 year old loves it and built it all by himself. He said the instructions were perfect. He plays with it all the time, highly recommend!

Andrew P
Ignore the bad reviews; this thing is AWESOME

Absolutely awesome kit, an amazing deal for the money. The size and number of pieces included would be comparable to a 60.00 Lego set. IMPORTANT - THE INSTRUCTIONS WERE VERY CLEAR, I got one each for my buddy and I and we managed to assemble them in just under an hour. AFTER we had been DRINKING. People leaving bad reviews complaining about the difficulty in assembling the kit must not have assembled a Lego kit before; the instructions look identical. The instructions consist of a step by step isometric drawing of each subassembly, clearly showing stud placement and highlighting each new part of the step, JUST LIKE LEGO INSTRUCTIONS.


It's Legos the old-school way

We got my 8 year old son a couple Sluban sets for christmas, this being the largest one. Overall, they are nice when compared to Legos, they fit together with Lego pieces and the figures actually have a larger range of motion. However, the instructions for assembling the sets are a bit lacking. If you are used to Legos, and the way they do things, then you are going to find you need to pay better attention to the directions here. Unlike Legos, the pieces more or less randomly packaged in three or four bags, no organized numbered bags here. So, the first step in assembly is to sort all the pieces by type so they are easier to find when needed. Secondly, the directions don't always make it really clear what is added at each step, which makes it easy to miss something. My 8 year-old, who is a Lego fanantic and has assembled many large Lego sets, had to ask me to put this one together for him because he couldn't get the hang of it. Granted, I believe part of that was he had gotten a lot of other Lego-type stuff and he was getting a case of assembly burn-out, but even I had to backtrack a couple times because I missed something in a previous step.
So, these are a fun, if slightly less detailed, version of Legos. Just be prepared to help younger builders put them together.

The boys favorite brick kit!

This is as good as a lego set! I know that's a high bar to hit but this set really is great. Instructions are really good, best I've seen from non lego bricks. My 5 year old and I built it in a few hours, much more challenging than lego due to the fact all the pieces are flat green. Good thing the instructions are well thought out. The figures are cool too, nice design and much more flexible than lego. Even includes a bunch of extra small pieces just like lego. I'll def try another sluban kit. Thanks santa!!


Very happy with purchase. Usually loyal LEGO purchaser, but since they don’t have a military line went we these for my son. Turned out great. No complaints with ease of putting together or quality.

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